YOU ALWAYS BUY THE BEST FOR YOUR BABY. The most popular and useful. Your baby is the best, and we will help you make bathing fun and interesting and add educational value to it!

EVA bath toy includes big-size animal puzzles with insert numbers. Your kid will have a great time while learning numbers when bathing with animals. The amazing game encourages counting, reasoning and color matching skills. They float on the water and easily stick to a plain surface when wet. Put animal toy into the water, stick it to the wall, find the numbers and insert it to the mathcing animal. Your child will learn the names of different animals.

The bath toy is light, comfortable and easy to attach. Only Wet! Your baby learns numberss, colors and animals. Kid develops coordination of movements by inserting numbers in the puzzles. Babies count and enjoy swimming and playing in the bath or shower.

The bath toy is a popular foam bath toys for teaching a child. These are the best educational toys for kids, bright and interesting toys and numbers. For boys and girls taking a bath or shower becomes more interesting and useful.

Research has shown that for developing of motor skills of hands and child’s ability, you can use toys such items as our set with aqua puzzles. Most families are very busy, so why not make the most of bath time and help your child learn!


Brainstorming-----EVA building blocks
EVA teak deck/marine decking sheet



Let baby enjoy the bath toy !

Let baby enjoy the bath toy