Available in a variety of shades and multitone treatments, this lightweight stain-resistant material can also add a touch of color to match your boat’s interior and/or upholstery. You can also have it engraved with special designs such as your boat’s name or your company's logo .

     Anglers who are on their feet much of the day appreciate the benefits of a cushioned deck, hence the growing popularly of EVA foam decking sheets on fishing boats. This softer material also proves kind to bare feet, protects the deck from scratches, chips and damages it also helps to cut down on interior noise .

The thickness of the foam may vary, but many popular decks are constructed from sheets consisting of two laminated layers in contrasting colors as laminating two colors gives beveled edges a classy look.

     Shades such as light gray and brown hide dirt (versus a white deck) and stay relatively cool, dissipating heat on sunny days. These tones also cut down on glare from sunlight reflected off the deck.

You do not have to be worried about adding excessive weight to your boat, thanks to the closed-cell nature of the EVA, it will not gain weight by absorbing water or other liquids. With the wood-grain pattern, engraved caulk lines offer a classic look that many boat owners prefer.

While closed-cell EVA foam nonskid is durable and resists stains and UV damage, scrubbing with soap and water after each outing helps maintain a like-new appearance and ensures a long service life. 

Lighter colors might look nasty after a while from fish blood or oil and grease tracked in from the street. In this case, a pressure washer at a self-service car wash or one you have at home (use a low-pressure setting to prevent damage to the foam) will restore the nonskid to its original color.

Avoid using harsh chemicals such as acetone, alcohol, ammonia or chlorine on the nonskid. With the proper care, you can expect six to eight years of heavy-duty use.

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EVA teak deck/marine decking sheet

In recent years, new synthetic materials have emerged. Among the most popular with boating anglers is textured, closed-cell EVA foam, which provides traction that equals or surpasses that of traditional decks, wet or dry, as well as cushioning to mitigate fatigue and sore muscles during long days on the water.